Paint Varnish

Albatek offers a variety of high performance, non-yellowing paint varnish products designed to provide beauty and durability for a multitude of industrial uses. Each varnish is formulated to provide the necessary hardness, flexibility, and chemical resistance to produce a long lasting finish, and our post-catalyzed design maximizes pot life. With a Albatek paint varnish you'll also appreciate:

Product Features:

  • Standard clean up
  • Quick dry time
  • Chemical, moisture, and mar resistant properties
  • Simple application allows varnish to be sprayed with conventional, air assisted airless, and airless spray equipment
  • AIM and HAPs compliance
  • UV resistant properties

Albatek paint varnish products can be custom color matched to ensure your client's complete satisfaction. Our paint varnish works best with other items from the Albatek selection, like our paint sealer line. For more information or to talk with a representative about your coating needs, contact us today.

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