Does Albatek help with matching paint colors?

Yes, Albatek can help in matching paint colors. We do custom color matching for all of the products we provide. All we need from you is the name of the color you want to match or a sample piece of the color you want matched. Our staff are experts at matching paint colors, and can use anything from a piece of wood to a picture as a source for the color.

For more information, contact a representative here.

Does Albatek sell painting sprayer equipment?

Yes, Albatek does sell several painting sprayer products for your needs. We also have an on-site technician available to assist you with any questions that may come up. We also have abrasives (disc and wide belts), respiratory mask, tapes, and other useful products.

For any painting sprayer needs, contact Albatek Industrial Coatings today.

Does Albatek match colors?

Yes, we offer customized ability to match colors. However, we do not use a machine. Instead, we have lab technicians that match colors that you desire to whatever type of wood you choose. This eliminates different color variations from batch to batch and ensures a perfect match each time.

For more information on Albatek's match colors service, or to contact a representative, click here.

What are the benefits of a spray stain?

With advancements in the formulation of spray stain products, they now produce a finish that is comparable to traditional wiping stains. A spray stain is easier than ever to apply, and there is no need to worry about a "mask off" effect hiding the natural beauty of the wood. Combined with Albatek's new selection of sprayer equipment you have more control than ever over the finished product.

For more information on Albatek's spray stain products, contact us today.

What are primary colors?

If you are wondering what are primary colors, Albatek is here to help. The primary colors are Red, Yellow, Black, and White. Once you know what are primary colors, you can blend them to produce other colors. See the examples below:

To get Brown mix: Red + Yellow + Black
To get Orange mix: Red + Yellow
To get Green mix: Yellow + Black
To get Gray mix: White + Black

* To kill red use green or a blend of black + yellow
* You can vary the ratios of each color in each blend to make things red or yellow or black

For more questions concerning what are primary colors, or to speak with a Albatek representative about mixing the perfect color for you, contact our office.

Trouble with finishing oak?

Many problems can occur with finishing oak. One in particular are bubble on the open grain. In some cases, the equipment that is being used may be out of adjustment. Finishing oak by spraying with to high air pressure can sometimes cause this problem. Generally, air pressure should not be any higher than 40-45 PSI. If the equipment is adjusted properly and you have extreme conditions (temperatures above 90 degrees F), additional air release additives or retarder is needed.

First try, four to eight oz of retarder (RT-001) per gallon. Retarder is less costly than air release agent. If problem persist, add bubble breaker (ADD-005) two to eight oz per gallon. If problem persist call manufacturer.

Check out Albatek's selection of coatings products that are perfect for finishing oak.

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