Lacquer Paint

Albatek offers a variety of affordable pre- and post-catalyzed lacquer paint designed to beautify wood in a multitude of interior applications. Each lacquer is formulated to provide the necessary hardness and flexibility to produce a long lasting finish, and can be used as self-sealing systems.

With each of our post-catalyzed and water-based lacquers, cab/acrylic lacquers with UV light stabilizing package, and light stable nitrocellulose pre-catalyzed lacquers, you'll value

Product Features

  • Moisture and mar resistant properties
  • Affordable price
  • Easy application
  • Quick dry time

Our lacquer paint products, as well as our other industrial applications can be custom color matched by the experts at Albatek to your client's exact specifications. Albatek can help ensure a finished product's beauty and durability.

For more information or to talk with a representative about your coating needs, contact us today.

Cab/Acrylic Lacquers

CAL-001 Gloss Cab/Acrylic Lacquer
CAL-002 Semi-Gloss Cab/Acrylic Lacquer
CAL-003 Satin Cab/Acrylic Lacquer
CAL-004 Flat Cab/Acrylic Lacquer
CAL-014 Gloss Cab/Acrylic Light Stable
CAL-015 Semi-Gloss Cab/Acrylic Light
CAL-016 Satin Cab/Acrylic Light Stable
CAL-017 Flat Cab/Acrylic Light Stable 

Catalyzed Lacquers

CNL-058 Gloss Catalyzed Lacquer
CNL-059 Semi-Gloss Catalyzed Lacquer
CNL-060 Satin Catalyzed Lacquer
CNL-061 Flat Catalyzed Lacquer

Conventional Lacquers

CNL-001 Gloss Lacquer
CNL-002 Semi-Gloss Lacquer
CNL-003 Satin Lacquer
CNL-004 Flat Lacquer
CNL-027 WW Semi-Gloss Lacquer
CNL-028 WW Gloss Lacquer
CNL-021 WW Satin Lacquer
CNL-031 WW Flat Lacquer
CNL-009 Hi Solids Gloss Lacquer
CNL-010 Hi Solids Semi-Gloss Lacquer
CNL-011 Hi Solids Satin Lacquer
CNL-012 Hi Solids Flat Lacquer

Pigmented Lacquers

PAL-001 Gloss White Cab/Acrylic
PAL-002 Semi-Gloss White Cab/Acrylic
PAL-005 Satin White Cab/Acrylic Lacquer
PAL-006 Flat White Cab/Acrylic Lacquer
PNL-005 Gloss White
PNL-006 Semi-Gloss White Lacquer
PNL-008 Satin White Lacquer
PNL-074 Gloss White Pre-Cat Lacquer
PNL-041 Semi-Gloss White Pre-Cat Lacquer
PNL-034 Satin White Pre-Cat Lacquer
PNL-075 Flat White Pre-Cat Lacquer

Precatalyzed Lacquers

CNL-005 Gloss Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-006 Semi-Gloss Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-007 Satin Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-008 Flat Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-013 Hi Solids Gloss Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-014 Hi Solids Semi-Gloss Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-020 Hi Solids Satin Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-015 Hi Solids Flat Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-055 Gloss Light Stable Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-054 Semi-Gloss Light Stable Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-056 Satin Light Stable Pre-Cat Lacquer
CNL-057 Flat Light Stable Pre-Cat Lacquer

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