When it comes to RV coating, or applications for any other recreational items, you want to beautify while also guarding against the strains of usage. In addition, other environmental factors can cause wear and tear. In reality, the demands put on recreational products are as varied as the products themselves, and that’s why Albatek provides a complete selection of coatings that can be applied to virtually any recreational item, including:

  • Musical Instruments
  • RVs
  • Car and Yacht interiors
  • Recreational equipment such as billiard cues, bats, hockey sticks, game tables, and more
  • Sports Complexes

Our selection of coatings, including our specialized RV coating, are tailored to the specific needs of your requirements. And, as with every Albatek product, you will have access to our custom color matching services, which enables you to meet specific design needs, as well as maximize beauty and durability. Coatings suitable for recreational items include:

If you are unsure of what type of RV coating will work best for your situation, please contact a Albatek representative. We can help you find a coating that will ultimately boost your production speed and reduce finishing costs.

For more information or to talk with a representative about your coating needs, contact us today.


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